Chris James

Level Design / World Building Portfolio


... I am currently doing something different than level / game design by working on a new animated TV series. Throughout my career I've always looked to hone my skills while embracing opportunities to learn new methods to produce high-quality entertainment.

It's been a fantastic experience focusing on storytelling and visual fidelity; creating Cinematic Cameras, Environmental Animations, Mid-Geo Environments, and various VFX's. I have been digging into the technology we are using to explore artistic and technical approaches to building, developing, and organizing our pipelines and virtual spaces. 

For a detailed resume, please send me a private message. 


~chris james

Released Projects

  • ReBoot: The Guardian Code
    World Building Supervisor
    Supervise environment asset creation and shot render finalizing for each episode produced in the animation pipeline during the Unreal development phases.
  • Barbie: Video Game Hero
    Previs / Layout Artist

    Take storyboard and produce cameras, layouts, and previs animation for approximately 250 shots.

  • Dungeon Defenders 2
    Lead Level Designer

    Mentor level designers, write guidelines for map creation, and redefine the multidiscipline map production pipeline, plus design tower-defense style multiplayer maps.

  • Quantum Break
    Senior Level Designer

    Create first playable levels from papermap to greybox, handle encounter design + pacing, and implement technical scripting.


For a detailed resume, please send me a private message. 


~chris james

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